Summit Telephone Company

P.O. Box 10089

5048 Haystack Drive

Fairbanks, AK 99710-0089



Customer Service: New service or changes to service, repairs, and complaints.


           Cleary Summit/Chatanika Area                                                 (907)389-1012

            All other company service locations                                        (800)459-1012

            Customer service within all of the Summit Telephone Areas      611

            Fax:                                                                                           (907)389-4003


Summit Telephone customer service may also be reached by e mail at:


Service areas: 

Cleary Summit/Chatanika Exchange – Communities of Cleary Summit, Chatanika, Haystack Mountain

Chena Hot Springs Exchange – Community of Chena Hot Springs area

Coldfoot/Wiseman Exchange- Communities of Coldfoot, Wiseman, Nolan Creek


For access to SummitŐs tariff go to:




For comments or complaints, click on the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.